Using Nut Oil

There are many varieties of nut oils available in stores today and each one offers a unique and different flavor and aroma. There are a few things to note when buying, storing and using nut oils. Most good quality nut oils are produced in France and California. The best way to discern the difference in quality is by taste. A high quality nut oil should taste like the nut it comes from, yielding a toasty well rounded full flavor.

Nut oils are not suitable for cooking at high temperatures. They are wonderful drizzled on foods straight from the bottle right before serving or added to a batter before baking. A light sauté won’t do any harm, but there will be a noticeable loss of flavor.

Another difference between nut oils and olive or vegetable oil, is that nut oils are best stored in the refrigerator after opening. There is a tendency for these oils to become rancid quickly. This is why we often see nut oils sold in smaller quantities. Refrigeration will congeal the oil, so bringing it back to room temperature will be necessary.

Another tip if you are using nut oil along with nuts, try to avoid mixing and matching. There is nothing more delicious that adding walnut oil to a salad topped with walnuts. Avoid combining with balsamic vinegar because its strong sweet flavor can overpower the delicate nut oil. Use a good quality apple cider vinegar instead.


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