Selecting Salt

Selecting Salt

Many viewers ask about the amount and type of salt I use. I feel like I mention it often, but I’m always happy to talk about my choice of salt.

I like and always use a moderately coarse kosher sea salt. Not so coarse that it must be ground by a device, but the type that’s flaky and substantial. One reason kosher sea salt is preferred by cooks is that the texture of the salt gives you better control when seasoning your foods, and to my taste, kosher sea salt also has a better flavor.

Once you start using it, and I encourage you to do so, you’ll notice a difference in both the taste of your food and your own tactile response to seasoning. The only place coarse salt does not work well, is when salting flour or for use in baked goods. That application requires a granule that is smaller and breaks down or blends quickly.

Even thought there are many costly “gourmet” salts on the market, fortunately, sea salt is still quite inexpensive. Make sure to keep your salt bone dry, but keep it handy and you’ll gladly make the switch.

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