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Avocado Tips

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Avocado Tips

Here’s a tip to help keep your “guac” green. Once you cut into an avocado, discoloration occurs almost immediately, but adding an acid like lemon or lime juice helps reduce discoloration and gives you an added boost of flavor.

You’ve probably noticed, however, that when you store your guacamole it develops a dark layer on top. Instead of just scraping it off and throwing it away, try this. Take a small piece of plastic wrap, just slightly larger than the inside of the bowl you’re storing your guacamole in. Rub one side of the wrap with fresh lemon, squeezing slightly to release a film of juice, and place it juice side down gently but firmly right on top of the guacomole. With a blunt knife, tuck a tiny amount of the wrap down between the bowl and the dip creating a plastic “skin” on top of the mixture. The goal is to seal out air.

Ideally you’ll want to prepare guacamole and eat it right away, but when you have leftovers, this storage method will help keep the guacamole looking nice and green up to 2 days. In general, avocados should be consumed quickly when they’re at their peak of flavor and ripeness.

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I have an Avocado tree in my backyard (lucky me!) and enjoy them for a good 3 months (Nov.- Jan. my particular variety). I just saw in my Smart & Final Store frozen avocados (no skins). My question is, does one freeze avocados when they're ripe or before? I'm trying to get information from an avocado farm, I'll let you know.


In a recent mailing to our subscribers (many thanks to all of you!) I offered a recipe for an avocado dip that requires preparing avocados in the food processor. Generally, I’m not a big fan of processing avocados, but for this dip, it’s essential that the texture be smooth. However, as with all my recipes, there is always an alternate preparation! So if you don’t have a food processor, mash the avocados by hand as smoothly as possible, then combine everything and do what I do, call it “rustic”

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