One of the easiest salads I make is delicious and nutritious coleslaw, but cabbage is one of those vegetables that gets a bad rap for being indigestible or having an unattractive color and flavor when cooked. This is unfortunate because cabbage is one of the healthiest and least expensive vegetables you can buy. Rich in vitamin C and extremely versatile, cabbage is loaded with fiber and is both filling and flexible.

Here are my tips for making a great coleslaw. Try adding Savoy or red cabbage to your favorite coleslaw recipe to add color and flavor. Slice your cabbage thinly either way. A mandoline works great, but you can also achieve a thin slice with a very sharp knife. To change up a traditional coleslaw recipe, try adding toasted nuts (sunflower, walnuts, pecans, pine nuts), raisins or dried cranberries, shredded carrots, chopped apples, or sliced grapes. For dressings, try a simple red wine vinaigrette using olive oil. Instead of using egg-based mayonnaise, try Vegenaise or your favorite vegan mayo and turn what could be a hidden fat bomb into a healthier, just as tasty version.

Make sure you allow your coleslaw to rest for an hour or more in the refrigerator to absorb the dressing and to soften the cabbage’s tough fibers. I encourage you to use your imagination, don’t be afraid to experiment, and you can enjoy this crunchy, nutritious vegetable year round.


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