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Fast Food Asian Style

Fast Food Asian-Style

Like most things in life there is an up side to everything, at least I’d like to think so. Fast food is one of those things. When it comes to the majority of “foods on the go,” especially American versions, the lack of nutritional value, over the top fat content, and super-sized portions can have disastrous consequences on your health. Fat and salt is what gives most fast foods their flavor and in a sense make them practically addictive to the palate. American fast food leads the pack in unhealthy fat and sodium levels.

On a recent jaunt to Boston, we set out to sample a few ethnic versions of portable food. What a wonderful surprise. Our first stop was New Saigon Sandwich (located at 696 Washington St.), a small Vietnamese take out place in the heart of Chinatown. New Saigon Sandwich had come highly recommended by some friends because of their vegetarian selections, especially a sandwich made with marinated tofu and fresh vegetables.

The recommendation could not have been any luckier. The sandwich we sampled was so simple and fresh, and not loaded with complex sauces. The tofu, crisp lettuce, jalapeño, cucumber, and slivered carrots were all lightly sprinkled with ginger soy sauce. But the big surprise was the bread – the French influence on Vietnam can be tasted in these small perfectly baked baguettes. With almost no chewy center and a crispy crust that flaked like paper, it was the perfect complement to the vegetables and tofu. This establishment, like many in Chinatown, offers a wide variety of soups and vegetarian spring rolls, but for us, it was the idea of “sandwich” that was so intriguing. If you have accessibility to traditional ethnic cuisines where you live, I encourage you to explore these places for lunch or a light supper.