Fried Polenta Appetizer

Fried Polenta Appetizer

Fried polenta is fabulous served as is, or accompanied by dips or topped with your favorite cracker topping.

Firm polenta cut into small triangles
2 cups (or so) olive oil for frying
Coarse salt

To prepare:
Heat olive oil in a deep pan or fryer until hot (about 340 degrees). With a slotted spoon, carefully slide polenta pieces into hot oil. It may spatter somewhat so use caution.


Fry polenta pieces until they’re crispy and golden, then remove with a slotted spoon, and drain on paper toweling. Sprinkle polenta immediately with coarse salt and serve hot.


This recipe is easy and great. It was the first time I've tried polenta, let alone make it. It was delicious. A nice addition to my vegetarian diet. Thanks!

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