Tofu Bites

Tofu Bites

I always have a package or two of firm tofu in my freezer, so a perfect replacement for beef or chicken in any recipe is just a quick thaw away. Freezing it is an easy way to give tofu the texture people crave. This recipe makes a great finger food that children love. Easy, delicious, and a terrific way to get soy into your diet.

Freezing completely alters the texture of tofu. To use, simply thaw and gently squeeze out the liquid. Your tofu is now ready to use. Marinate, grill, fry, batter dip, or use in place of cheese; the choice is yours.

Tofu, frozen, then thawed and cut into bite-sized pieces
1 (or more) T. soy or tamari sauce
2 (or more) T. nutritional yeast

To prepare:
Fry tofu in oil, drain on paper towels, then toss with soy or tamari sauce and nutritional yeast.


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