Curried Unchicken Salad

Savory and sweet are my favorite combination and this curried sandwich filling made with Quorn roast and sweet green grapes is a surefire crowd pleaser!

This is just right served on lettuce boats or tucked into pita bread or a lovely wholegrain French baguette. For a Delicious twist, substitute your favorite fruit for the grapes.

Serves 4

1/4 of a Quorn Roast, torn into bite sized pieces
1/4 – 1/2 of a chopped white or yellow onion
1 t. vegetable oil
1/2 t. curry powder
2-3 T. dairy or soy yogurt
12-15 seedless green grapes
Fresh black pepper

To prepare:
Cook roast according to package directions. Cool and section off about a quarter of the loaf. Tear into bite sized pieces and place in a medium sized bowl. Add grapes. Mix remaining ingredients together into a dressing and pour over Quorn and grapes. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Note: Don’t overcook the Quorn roast. It is best when still moist. I generally start with the roast defrosted for the best results.


What is soy yogurt? We love quor and even the meat eaters in our house think it is pretty good. I sure think it is better than the tofu meat products.


Can you please tell me what Quorn Roast is? Thank yu....


Just thought I'd add a note for people who have not tried Quorn products before. Please be aware that it can cause allergic reactions in some people! I've tried it at various times and had severe stomach upsets and chalked it up to perhaps something else that I ate. After the last time I ate it (and was sick), I did some web surfing and learned that it can cause a variety of reactions, some more severe than others. I also learned that it isn't actually mushrooms, as the packaging might lead one to believe, but a labratory grown fungus. Ew! Apparently, not everyone has a reaction to Quorn products. One of my co-workers has eaten it with no problems; his wife was up all night with digestive issues. I'm not trying to trash the Quorn company. I just wanted to let people know that there is the possibility of it causing problems!

Veg Royale
Veg Royale

Barbz - thanks for posting this. I have to tell you, I have a good friend who is dangerously allergic to mangoes (and other tropical fruits), so I understand precisely where you're coming from. On the other hand, Quorn products (though not vegan either) are great transition foods for some people, assuming those people don't have a sensitivity to this mycoprotein. And to be factual, it is a naturally occurring fungus which is now produced commercially. Can we not say the same about many food products? In other words, I hear ya. It can make some people sick. On the other hand, for those who like it and can tolerate it, it is in many ways a "green" food and, as such, we can't knock it. Again, thanks for posting!

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