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Little arms of love

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broccoliBroccoli’s name comes from the Italian piccoli bracci meaning “little arms” and just a single serving of this amazing vegetable provides 30 mg of vitamin C, plentiful fiber, and a slew of other anti-oxidant, cancer-fighting nutrients. And it’s not just good for you, it’s good!

Soup, salad, side, or main dish, broccoli is a cool weather crop and best from October through April in the Northern Hemisphere. When buying this ubiquitous vegetable, look for bright green color and tightly packed buds. Since raw broccoli requires good air circulation to stay fresh, store in a perforated plastic bag for up to 3 days – or just eat it right away.

Give this nutrient-rich vegetable some love. And while you’re at it, check out the baby hamster enjoying a first taste of broccoli.

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jane prince
jane prince

I enjoyed a TV program called Totally Vegetarian on OPB in Eugene, Or on Dec. 31, 2010. Now I am having trouble finding the recipe for the Moroccan Stew with Eggplant. Can you please help me find it. Jane Prince


Hey, I found your website @ google and i have read allot of your other posts. I love what u post! I just added you to my Google News Reader ;). Keep up the good work . Look forward to see more from you in the future.


Hi Jane, The recipe is in our cookbook Totally Vegetarian! Due to an agreement with our publisher we are unable to offer the recipe on our website. The book is full of wonderful and easy recipes from all of our Public Television programs! Thanks for watching and writing. Have a great New Year! The DTV Team

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