The mighty strawberry


For a little red fruit, the strawberry is a superhero

Cultivated as early as the 17th century, even its botanical name calls to mind something wonderful: fragraria. Did you know that strawberries are considered to be a “false fruit” and that the plant belongs to the rose family? With only 49 calories per cup (4 of those calories from fat) and offering 149% of the daily requirement of Vitamin C, why wouldn’t you reach for these luscious red beauties during their season – in the east, that season is now. So go on, indulge – it’s good for you!

Strawberry Nutrition Information and the fruit’s history and lore from the Illinois Cooperative Extension. Find out why red fruit is so good for you.


Fantastic work. You have gained a new fan. Please keep up the good work and I look forward to more of your interesting posts.

Barbara Nelson
Barbara Nelson

THis comment is in regard to a Pasta recipe(Tomato, Arugula, Basil, and Red Onion) after the ingred. are listed it does not tell how to put the recipe together. at the end of the recipe it says In a small bowl add vinegar and (...)that the end of it. Could you research this and let me know the rest of the recipe. I saw it on the TV program delicioustv it looked very pretty in color and the guest host said the recipe was on the internet, the vegestables that she used are not all the ones she used but she did say this was her preference or sub. Thanks for your help in this, several other receipt give just the ingred but not the instruction on how to cook or fix the item. Thanks, Barbara Nelson Tulsa, Oklahoma

Veg Royale
Veg Royale

Hi, Barbara - it's possible your browser has a bug or you need to "refresh" because we have checked the post and the recipe is complete. Puzzle! Let us know if you have further trouble. Thanks for watching Delicious TV.

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