Blenders help make lovely creamy soups

An Immersion blender is Toni’s favorite tool for making her creamy soups, especially because you blend the soup right in the pot so it’s an easy cleanup.

If you too like you soups creamy check this Immersion blender out for $33.00


1. Be careful with any tool particularly when the soup is HOT.

2. Adding potato to soup prior to puréeing allows you to forgo adding soy or dairy and keeping it low in fat and calories.


I would like the recipe 309 Tempah Cabbage Spectacular. I came in half way through the program and it looks scrumptious.


How can I obtain the recipes of program #308 ? Pea soup and two different pizzas!


Hi Juliet, Those recipes are in our cookbook Totally Vegetarian! Due to an agreement with our publisher we are unable to offer the recipes that are in the book on our website. Totally Vegetarian is full of wonderful and easy recipes from all of our Public Television programs! Thanks for watching and writing. Have a great New Year! The DTV Team

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