Easy Vacation Lunches

Although I forgot to pack my camera, phone charger and God forbid, my hairspray I did manage to remember to pack some of my favorite and most necessary spices. That tells me something about my priorities. In the past few years I’ve really changed my way of thinking about eating while traveling . As I said in my earlier post ( the one I wrote when I  had an internet connection that didn’t require me to run up and down the sidewalk with my laptop hoping to catch three or more bars) I’m away on vacation in Florida and I’m renting a space with a kitchen. This has become imperative since finding suitable food and eating out is such a chore. Without plodding down that path of conversation again I will say that I am thankful that my style of cooking over the past few years, especially since filming the VegEZ Podcast, has become very abbreviated and simple. This makes cooking on the go easy and inexpensive. My staples of a few spices, oregano, salt, pepper, cumin, Tamari soy sauce matched with some basic  pantry items like olive oil, onions, carrots, potatoes, pasta, tempeh, canned tomatoes along with a variety of beans give me a number of meal and leftover options. I have to say (and this really is the truth) that I do frequently resort to using the VegEZ app. First of all I’m hardly ever able to connect to the web on my computer and I don’t often remember as many recipes as I’d like to think I do! Today was Tamari Tempeh (with fresh tomato, crispy lettuce, avocado and Veganaise) sandwich day. I love my marinated tempeh recipes, but the Tamari Tempeh is so fast and easy that I can make great bunches of it in about 15 minutes. This truly was stress free lunching at it’s best and all while watching the amazing birds and dolphins here on Sanibel Island.

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