Stir Crazy

After driving down the West coast today, Steve and I  stopped for dinner in Fort Myers at a place called Stir Crazy. Stir Crazy is an Asian influenced chain restaurant where you can either order prepared food off of the menu or go through a line called a Market Bar and create your own dishes. For example at the Market Bar you can choose tofu and then select an assortment of vegetables, a sauce that you like, rice or noodles and then step up to a wok area where your meal is cooked. This actually works out pretty well. Before we hit that bar I had a couple of Mango Martinis (which were very nice) from the other bar. Then we moved on to the set menu for an appetizer. Since we’re not huge fans of fried food we ordered the fresh Lettuce Wraps and some Edamame. Both were good.  The SC wraps were made with vegetables and tofu. I usually make my Lettuce Cups with sticky rice and spicy baked seitan, but really you can tuck virtually any variety of vegetables in fresh crispy lettuce leaves and not go wrong. For the entree Steve and I split a tofu vegetable bowl with rice an Asian Slaw and some Tempura Green Beans.  The slaw reminded me of a few of Didi Emmons slaw recipes that we prepared on two seasons of Delicious TV. The SC slaw was a bit more chopped and dressed but had some similar elements to Didi’s that I enjoyed, especially considering this was a chain restaurant. The portions are very generous and I could have easily stopped at the Lettuce Wrap and stir fry but we wanted to try a few things just to see how they were. Over all for this area Stir Crazy was pretty good. As a Vegetarian or Vegan the choices are fairly limited , but there are some and they will work with you. As I’ve learned while traveling, if you need to eat meals out some locations require a bit more effort. Fort Myers is one such area. Bear in mind that the portions are, as I said, very generous and it’s easy to over order. The best way to eat here, like most places, is to order a small variety of items, a couple of good drinks and share.

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