What is the ultimate cooking show? “A Vegan Mashup”!

Where would you turn for a Vegan TV cooking show that teaches you just how easy and quickly you can make the best most nourishing meals for yourself and your family? Well, the answer of course is, RIGHT HERE! After hosting four seasons of Delicious TV’s Totally Vegetarian on Public Television and over 140 VegEZ podcasts I am personally very pleased and excited to announce our  newest, fun filled and most inspiring food television production to date! Welcome to Delicious TV’s Vegan Mash Up! This fantastic six episode season of 1/2 hour vegan cooking shows will feature four chefs instead of one. Three will be regulars (Terry Hope Romero, Miyoko Schinner and me, Toni Fiore) and one will be a surprise chef! You know, there are so many talented and energetic Vegan foodies out there that this new format will give you, the viewing audience, more variety and delicious recipe ideas than ever before.

But we need your help and support to make this happen! Delicious TV is currently raising funds for television production, post production and marketing. Check it out at http://www.indiegogo.com/Delicious-TVs-Vegan-Mashup. With a minimum of $10 (of course more is sublime), your help gets us closer to delivering this new, fresh and delicious cooking series to public television for your viewing pleasure! Follow the indegogo link above, give what you can and help spread the word through your friends, social networks and even in your holiday gift giving! Our goal is to pull together 6 fabulous episodes that are not only Totally Vegan but will totally knock the socks off all those tired meat based cooking programs on mainstream television. Please help make Vegan Mashup happen!  – Toni Fiore

Gayle Delaney
Gayle Delaney

Hi Toni,

We are looking for a cooking show with WFPB low-fat diet alla Greger, Fuhrman, Ornish, etc. I was hopeful when we found your show via the PBS site (we don't get PBS life). But when we saw the wrap in white bread, the oil on the white potato pizza and the reference to Yogurt, it seemed to us that your show is more generally vegetarian and less vegan, nutritarian, WFBP with little oil.   Your text in this blog says the show is totally vegan.  Does that include white breads and a fair amount of oil? Was the reference to yogurt really to a yogurt substitute?

Did we misinterpret the trailer? Good luck  with your show, whatever your diet!  

Victor J Kinzer
Victor J Kinzer

So I have been looking around and I REALLY want to watch this show, but I don't have cable. I get my media online. It looks like you only stream through Roku. I use a Boxee, and I have to say I'm kind of disappointed that you are so platform specific. That gives you access to a very limited viewer pool. There are so many competing platforms. You need to put your content on a streaming service that is device agnostic to reach your maximum viewer base. When the show comes out I will check again, but you won't have me as a viewer as long as you only stream to Roku.

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