Mock Maryland Crabcakes

Mock Maryland Crabcakes

A delicious vegetarian alternative to traditional Maryland Crabcakes without any compromise on flavor.

½ c. celery
½ c. minced yellow onion
1/3 c. minced carrot
½ of a small green pepper, minced
¼ c. chopped parsley
½ t. neutral oil (canola or grapeseed)
16 oz. firm tofu, pressed and dry
1 sheet Nori seaweed, chopped
½ c. vegan mayonnaise
5 slices whole wheat bread toasted and processed into fine crumbs (can be done ahead) *
1 T. Old Bay seasoning
2 t. dry mustard
1 t. salt
1 c. Panko bread crumbs (for coating and frying)
Cooking spray

To prepare:
Preheat the oven to 350 if baking.

In a lightly oiled skillet, sauté celery, onion, carrot, pepper, and parsley until the vegetables are softened but firm. Set them aside. Process tofu in food processor until it has a cottage cheese consistency, but do not purée.

In a bowl, combine the processed tofu, vegetables, half of the whole wheat bread crumbs, mayo, seaweed, and seasonings and mix everything well. If the mixture seems too wet and isn’t holding together, add the remaining toasted crumbs a little at a time until you have a mixture that is moist and easy to shape into patties. Usually I use the entire amount of toasted crumbs, however depending on how dry the tofu is, you may need less.

Form about 10 half-inch thick patties, using about 1/3 cup of mixture for each. Coat each pattie with Panko bread crumbs.

Spray or heat a little oil in a seasoned (or nonstick) skillet until the pan is hot but the oil isn’t smoking. Gently lay each pattie in the pan and fry. Don’t fuss with these until they move freely when you gently shake the pan. When the pattie is golden brown on one side, gently turn it over and fry the other side.

Alternatively, you can place the patties on an oiled, seasoned (or nonstick) baking sheet. Spray each pattie lightly with cooking spray and bake about 15 minutes. Then, gently turn the patties and continue baking until toasty brown.

Serve hot or warm with Wasabi Mayonnaise . I like these with oven french fries and coleslaw.

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