TVP or “mock-meats” are getting a lot of attention these days, and for good reason. With up to eighty percent less fat than lean animal meats, these products lend themselves remarkably well to many recipes that traditionally use beef, lamb, chicken, turkey, or pork. In fact, some of the most popular recipes on our website are made with TVP and we get a lot of mail with questions about how to use these products.

Mock-meat sales at college cafeterias have more than doubled in the past few years and general market sales are expected to reach record highs by 2008. There are a number of companies that produce these meat alternatives and they have improved taste and texture significantly. Their popularity is understandable, as they provide a low fat meatless option to transitional vegetarians or flexitarians who desire kicking the meat habit, but are not ready to walk away from many of their favorite, traditional meat-based dishes.

At first, I was a bit ambivalent about using mock-meat, but I must admit that I enjoy not only the culinary challenge of preparing it, but also the positive response of diehard meat eaters to dishes prepared with TVP. Consuming meat replacers a few times a week will make a huge difference to your overall health while helping reduce the negative impact a meat-based diet has on animals and the environment. It’s a win win situation, no matter how you look at it.

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Vegetarian Kids

Vegetarian Kids I was reading a few prominent internet articles this week about nutrition and promoting healthy foods for kids. Over ninety percent of the recipes suggested in the articles contain dairy and cheese, swap out chicken for beef, and promote substituting turkey for just about everything except shampoo. America’s ongoing romantic relationship with meat […]

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Texture Tips

Texture Tips One of the most important elements people seek in food, especially vegetarian food is texture. From the moment we begin eating solid food, texture plays an extremely important role in our diets and our palates. Taste is equally important, but how food “feels” remains an issue for many. Consequently, tofu, beans, and other […]

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A New Direction

A New Direction Frequently I’ll catch health and nutrition news on television. Unfortunately, it’s been the same report for the last ten years: our health continues to decline. Apparently Americans are just not listening. And sometimes it seems that whoever is involved in developing new food programming has been left out of the loop entirely. […]

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Thanksgiving Thoughts

Thanksgiving Thoughts Around the holidays, the media is full of suggestions about how to relax and make things easy on ourselves. Many of the stresses we’re attempting to reconcile revolve around entertaining, but we can safely add diet and family issues into the mix. Often it’s a tangled web of all of the above. Admittedly, […]

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