Pasta Choices

I don’t know what I would do if for some reason I bought into the latest craze of carb phobia and actually eliminated pasta from my diet entirely. There really is nothing faster and more satisfying than a dish of spaghetti, noodles or macaroni simply dressed with fresh veggies, a quick sauce , fresh herbs or a wash of good fruity olive oil. In fact I would encourage you to try many of the other varities of pasta or noodles on the market today. Even if you have a wheat allergy, there is something out there for you. Rice, soy and spelt pastas are virtually everywhere.

Lately I am using some of the more unusual pastas, unusual in the sense of not commonly used by most, and have discovered a whole new set of flavors and textures. From buckwheat to mung bean the colors, textures and flavors are just wonderful. With asian noodles, the cooking time is super fast, and it doesn’t take much to prepare an authentic tasty and healthy meal that looks like you spent hours preparing.

On my last trip to Italy I noticed that whole wheat pasta is gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Not only are the health benefits increased, but that wonderful al dente texture remains nicely intact. If a change interests you, start with a good quality whole wheat pasta with your favorite sauce. Don’t be put off by the darker color. Remember more color usually always spells better nutrition. Give these pasta choices a try – you may never go back to white pasta again.

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Bumper Crop Solutions

This is the time of year when we can find an abundance of wonderful summer ripe tomatoes at farm stands and grocery stores. But how many tomatoes can one realistically eat? Since late summer tomatoes are both deliciously sweet and surprisingly inexpensive, I always buy more and use them in a variety of ways, to […]

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Summer Peppers

Summer is upon us and that usually means a bounty of sweet orange, red, green and yellow peppers. Bell peppers are noted for being the leader among vegetables and fruits for their vitamin C content. When buying peppers make sure that they are firm, shiny, smooth and unblemished. Wrinkles and brown spots indicate that they […]

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Using Nut Oil

There are many varieties of nut oils available in stores today and each one offers a unique and different flavor and aroma. There are a few things to note when buying, storing and using nut oils. Most good quality nut oils are produced in France and California. The best way to discern the difference in […]

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Veggie Burger Ingredient Alternatives

Recently a viewer wrote with a question about veggie burgers. In our Veggie Planet episode, Didi Emmons and I put together a delicious burger built on a foundation of brown rice and kasha. Included in the burger are carrots, mushrooms, tarragon and walnuts. The question was concerning the addition of mushrooms. For those that don’t […]

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