Date Cashew Mochaccino

Date Cashew Mochaccino

by Toni Fiore

I admit it. I’m one of those people who really enjoy starting the day with a fruit or vegetable smoothie but I’m also one of those people who don’t make them very often. It’s not an issue of whether I have the ingredients on hand, the time or a high speed blender. For me, it’s more about the routine of savoring a cup of coffee in the morning while catching up on the news, email or my backyard, sunrise avian activity. So how then does coffee and breakfast come together in one simple and satisfying glass?


The answer is my glorious, not overly sweet, protein-rich, chocolate coffee smoothie. Cocoa and coffee are already made for each other, but when you add the subtle sweetness of dates plus the luxurious creaminess of nuts and non-dairy milk, you have a recipe for the ultimate morning drink.


This smooth concoction of some of Mother Nature’s finest ingredients is sure to become your morning favorite, not just because it’s so delicious, but because it will hold at bay your appetite for something sweet and “noshy.”


Usually I make this free form, just using my coffee cup and teaspoons to measure, so use this recipe more or less as a guideline. Like most of my VegEz recipes, there’s no stress about getting the measurements exactly right. Who needs that first thing in the morning?


Use caffeinated or un-caffeinated free trade coffee and good quality cocoa. No Maca? No worries — do it without. Make it sweeter by adding a few more dates or, if you’re in the mood, a ripe banana! Make it as thick or thin as you like by adjusting the ice and water. And one of the best things about this drink, what makes it uniquely different from a fruit smoothie, is that you can put this into a lidded drink container and take it with you, on-the-go. Just keep it cold and give it a quick shake. No more candy bars and cake when your sweet tooth overtakes your sensibilities!


The following recipe makes 2 servings. You can certainly make a half recipe … but why would you?

1 cup cold coffee

1 cup unsweetened almond or nut milk (soy milk may be substituted)

8-10 Medjool dates, pitted

1 cup raw cashews

1 generous tablespoon of pure cocoa powder

1 tablespoon Maca root powder

3 to 3 ½ cups of ice

A few tablespoons, or more, of cold water for blending


Place all ingredients in a blender, and process on high speed until smooth.


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