Maximize Your Kale

Toni's Kale Pesto from the upcoming Vegan Mashup series


Recently I read a great article touting the health benefits of kale. It’s pretty evident that the word has gotten out, with many people expressing awareness that kale is considered the new “superfood”. Every year something “new”, that actually isn’t new at all, hits the airwaves as the one thing you’ll want to include in your diet that will fight cancer, lower cholesterol, improve your memory, keep the pounds off… the list goes on. What’s not said most of the time, is that a low fat plant-based diet rich in color and variety is, hands down, the best and most complete eating plan for life. I’m not talking about having kale, blueberries or tomatoes on top of or alongside foods on the negative list, I’m talking about an exclusively plant-based diet. So while kale is the new wonder kid on the block (and don’t get me wrong, it is)  the majority of mainstream kale recipes hitting the airwaves are simply laden unhealthy animal protein sources like pork, bacon, chicken, sausage and cream  to name a few. I often wonder when I read these recipes, these “healthy” recipes, what on earth are these people thinking? It obviously doesn’t take much to ruin a perfectly good “perfect”vegetable. While it’s true that what you eat is very important it’s equally important to remember that keeping healthy food healthy depends entirely on how you prepare it. Substituting kale in any of my recipes that are made with greens like collards, spinach and chard and paired with healthy protein sources like lentils, beans and quinoa, is a good start to incorporating more kale into your diet.

-Toni Fiore
Host of Delicious TV’s Totally Vegetarian and VegEZ

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Soup of the week

Sweet Potato Black Bean Soup   We made this for lunch last Sunday and it lasted the rest of the week. Here it’s served with a Tofu Salad Sandwich. The next night we served it to a friend (with a big Kale Salad) who had stopped by for dinner. Still we had several more lunches. …

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Last minute shoppers

check out this great little place called Blue Orchid Handbags. Sweet, creative bags, and purses, that are affordable, and made from animal friendly materials. Even sweeter, some of the profit from bags sold on their website are donated to the ASPCA. And Facebook fans receive 20% off your total order!  Through 12/31. Enter ‘facebook2011′ during …

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What is the ultimate cooking show? “A Vegan Mashup”!

Where would you turn for a Vegan TV cooking show that teaches you just how easy and quickly you can make the best most nourishing meals for yourself and your family? Well, the answer of course is, RIGHT HERE! After hosting four seasons of Delicious TV’s Totally Vegetarian on Public Television and over 140 VegEZ …

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Better Than Feta

I never really ate a lot of cheese, but I did use bits of it in and on a great many of my traditional Italian or Greek recipes. Personally I found working around not adding cheese to my food to be really easy. However, that said, there are some recipes that really depended on either …

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