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Savory Mushroom and Leek Tarte Tatin

By • May 21st, 2014 • Category: Breads and Pizza, Light Bites, Main Dish, Uncategorized, Vegan Mashup

by Toni Fiore, Vegan Mashup co-host and host and author of the Totally Vegetarian cookbook Serves 4-6                             Total Prep: 45-50 minutes   Easy and elegant, my Mushroom Leek Tarte Tatin is a savory play on the extremely popular French dessert traditionally made with apples. Bursting with juicy mushrooms, mellow leeks and crunchy walnuts on a [...]

Pea and Mint Bruschetta

By • Apr 9th, 2014 • Category: Uncategorized

by Miyoko Schinner author of  Artisan Vegan Cheese and the The New Now and Zen Epicure. These are like a party in your mouth with flavors that zazzle and pop. Taking just minutes to make, they are a wonderful quick appetizer for any party – not just the one in your mouth. Makes 12 – [...]

Easy low fat cheese and it’s vegan

By • Nov 2nd, 2012 • Category: Uncategorized

Low fat Chipotle Cheese Sauce from the Artisan Vegan Cheese book

Maximize Your Kale

By • Mar 20th, 2012 • Category: Uncategorized

  Recently I read a great article touting the health benefits of kale. It’s pretty evident that the word has gotten out, with many people expressing awareness that kale is considered the new “superfood”. Every year something “new”, that actually isn’t new at all, hits the airwaves as the one thing you’ll want to include [...]

Lagusta’s Luscious

By • Nov 1st, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

This week Delicious TV visits a beautiful little chocolate shop in New Paltz NY. I was never a huge fan of chocolates but all that has changed now. These artisan chocolates are made with fresh produce and fruit, organic toasted nuts, fresh spices and homegrown herbs. The chocolates are delectable, the shops vibe is endearing, [...]

Stir Crazy

By • Oct 11th, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

After driving down the West coast today, Steve and I  stopped for dinner in Fort Myers at a place called Stir Crazy. Stir Crazy is an Asian influenced chain restaurant where you can either order prepared food off of the menu or go through a line called a Market Bar and create your own dishes. [...]

Black Bean Hummus

By • Oct 2nd, 2011 • Category: Light Bites, Potatoes, Grains, and Beans, Uncategorized

Five Star Pizza

By • Mar 14th, 2011 • Category: Uncategorized

Watch -> Five Star Pizza Toni shares some simple tricks to throw together a delicious classic crispy pizza. Using crushed San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, marinated artichoke hearts, red and yellow peppers,and Kalamata olives. So easy, and delicious you have to try it.

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