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In honor of The Great American Meatout here’s a crowd favorite from our upcoming VegEZ e-cookbook. Rotisserie Style Tempeh

Rotisserie Style Tempeh cuweb left crop

Vera Gottschalk
Vera Gottschalk

How do you dry homemade pasta? I already got the process for making pasta from scratch; I just don't know how to dry the pasta.  Vera Gottschalk, vgottschalk@verizon.net. Thank you.

Peta Feral
Peta Feral

Hello, In NZ Oon Choice TV there is a food hour at 4pm everyday with corpse coking programmes;

Can you promote your programmes to them as an ethical and healthy alternative?

Vera Gottschalk
Vera Gottschalk

I just discovered that you exist. I'm so glad to finally see a cooking channel for us vegetarians. No offense to the cooking channel or the food network.

Vera Gottschalk
Vera Gottschalk


I just discovered that you exist and glad to see there is finally a cooking show for  us vegetarians; no offense to the cooking channel or the food network. Vera Gottschalk, vgottschalk@verizon.net.


was it rice that I heard if it is left to soak will make antioxidants??

Paul B
Paul B

Actually, canola oil is a hybrid of rapeseed oil that has been used for cooking for generations.  Unlike rapeseed oil, canola oil is very low is erucic acid which is the main constituent of concern.  Canola oil is not a by product of the petroleum industry.   It's from a plant.  

Canola oil itself is very healthy.   It has an omega 6 to omega 3 ratio of 2:1 and a high smoke point.  It's also flavorless which makes it good for cooking.   Very low in saturated fat and heart healthy.   During the Lyon Heart Health study it was canola oil, not olive oil that reduced the incidence of heart disease .   

I love Vegan Mash Up!   Great show!.   I just donated for season 2. 



Hi~I love the show.  I'm trying to eat better and your program really helps.  My problem is, I can't write fast enough to keep up with the show.  At the end of the programming today they said something about an E-book that we can download.  Where would I find that on your site?  Heidi Strohm

PS~Because of you and Christina Cooks I have lost almost 40 lbs.  Yeah for ME!  =+}

The Speed Family
The Speed Family

We've two public television stations in Tulsa. One has recently begun showing "Vegan Mashup." ...just finished watching the program. We're "almost" vegan; we've been vegetarians for over 25 years. Many of the recipes looked/sounded wonderful! As we're retired, and on Social Security -- the ingredients are cost prohibitive. Oh well, we thoroughly enjoyed watching the various cooks.

Best do some homework on canola oil. It's nasty stuff; we've not had it in our home for a decade or more.

Kellso Kane
Kellso Kane

@Paul B

1. It is not a food and was never intended for human consumption. Canola is a genetically engineered plant developed in Canada from the Rapeseed Plant, which is part of the mustard family of plants.

2. By nature, rapeseed oil is toxic to humans and other animals and was never meant to be used for human consumption . The correct name for Canola oil  is “Lear” oil (Low Erucic Acid Rape) or Rape Oil and is used mainly for lubricant and fuel sap, as a base for synthetic rubber, and is used as a substance for the glossy effect in magazines or other paper products. The word canola comes from “Canada” Oil” and is not a naturally grown plant.

3. Why is it used? It is extremely cheap to grow and harvest. The Canadian government paid the FDA $50 million to have rapeseed registered and categorized as being safe for humans to consume, according to – ‘John Thomas’ book,  “Young Again”.

4. It is toxic! and related to symptoms of Emphysema, Respiratory distress, anemia, constipation, and irritability. Rape seed oil is used in China for stir-frying and was found to emit cancer-causing chemicals from the smoke, causing lung cancer, according to the Wall Street Journal (June 7, 1995).

5. It causes blindness in animals and Mad Cow Disease! According to John Thomas’ book, Young Again, in 1986-1991 England and Europe fed rape seed to cows, pigs, and sheep who later went blind and began attacking people (Mad Cow Disease). After discontinuing the rape seed (canola oil) the attacks and blindness stopped. It was banned in Europe in 1991. The FDA is still allowing it to be used in thousands of products in the U.S. We are putting it in our bodies every day!! Wow that is certainly Scary!!

6. Research at the University of Florida-Gainesville, determined that as much as 4.6% of all fatty acids in Canola are “trans” isomers (plastic) due to the refining process. It has a tendency to inhibit the proper metabolism of foods and blocks our normal enzyme function, and could cause destruction of the myelitis sheath that surrounds our nerves, for protection. It is known as a Trans Acid, and many are labeled Hydrogenated or partially Hydrogenated oils. These should all be avoided and totally eliminated from your diet. The adverse health effect are cumulative. Many times it takes 10 years before symptoms manifest.

7. It is found in many processed foods, margarine, peanut butter, breads, and almost all potato chips.

8. It forms latex-like substances that causes red blood corpuscles to clump together.

9. Rats developed fatty degeneration of heart, kidney, adrenals and thyroid glands. When the Canola oil was withdrawn from their diet, the deposits dissolved, but scar tissue remained on the organs.

10. Rape oil is a source of the chemical warfare agent mustard gas. It was banned after blistering the lungs and skins of hundreds of thousands of soldiers and civilians during WWII. There have been recent reports that it was again used in the Gulf War.

11. Canola Oil is the #1 ingredient in toxic chemical pesticides according to the Health Ranger. The EPA has now officially classified it as bio-pesticide, meaning; having “low chronic toxicities”, but no studies have been performed on the toxic effects on human beings.

12. Canola (Rapeseed) is on the 10 Top list of GMO’s, according to NaturalNews. It is one of the most chemically altered foods in the U.S. diet – chemically removed from rapeseed, deodorized and altered.

Those that defend the use of Canola Oil argue that canola oil was used for centuries by the Chinese and Indians with no ill effect, but the big difference is they used unrefined oil for cooking purposes.

Delicioustv moderator

@Paul B Thank You! For everything! <3


@The Speed Family  

When first introduced to Canola, as most if us did, we sought out this "healthy oil".  Josh what a let down to discover it's true properties.


The Speed Family
The Speed Family

@ShannonDuncan @The Speed Family 

I read several articles - medical to foods not to use - about the disgusting way canola oil is made. Canola is a by-product of the oil industry. Yuck!! Since then, we've used vegetable, sesame, olive oils to bake and/or cook. We've not had canola oil in our kitchen in years!!! Be healthy, Shannon!!


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