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Delicious TV’s Vegan Mashup features three entertaining and award-winning chefs who put a modern, healthy spin on plant-based home cooking. Join cookbook authors Terry Hope Romero, Toni Fiore, Miyoko Schinner, and some very special guests, as they whip up easy and delicious vegan meals.

Episode 101: Party Foods that Please

Whether you’re cooking for five or 500, sophisticated socialites or a rowdy group of teenagers, this episode has you covered. Miyoko makes an elegant Gruyere and Pear Croustade / Toni makes her savory Tempeh Bites and out-of-this-world Tzatsiki / Terry makes an incredible Ceviche
/ Guest Chef Bryant Terry who whips up a Beet Tapenade and a smooth Cherry Sangria to wash it all down. Bring your sparkly hats and noisemakers – this episode is a fiesta!

Episode 102: Flavors of the Mediterranean

Skip the plane ticket and take your taste buds on a flavor vacation. This episode explores easy vegan takes on favorites from Spain, Italy, and Greece. Toni makes Rosemary Potato Pizza with Oven Roasted Tomatoes and Asparugus / Miyoko makes a fragrant Paella / Terry makes Seitan Gyro Rollups / Guest Chef Cathi DiCocco makes perfect-for-sharing Braised Escarole and Garlicky White Beans. Wine, sunny beaches, and all-night parties optional.

Episode 103: Reinventing the Holiday Classics

Who says you have to have meat to celebrate? Our expert chefs show you how to make centerpiece-worthy meals minus the cruelty and cholesterol! Miyoko makes her cult classic ‘Unbird,’ a creation of roasted vegetables folded into a cream sauce reduction, wrapped in buttery phyllo / Guest Chef Cathi DiCocco makes her versatile Thanksgiving Fritters served with a sumptuous, slather-on-everything sauce / Terry serves a crowd of 300 with her creamy, easy Sweet Potato Chipotle Bisque.

Episode 104: Plant-Based on a Budget


Who says eating vegan has to be expensive? Our chefs whip up economical creations that are easy on your tastebuds, waist, and wallet. Toni makes a Hearty Mushroom Lentil Shepherd’s Pie that will transport you back to childhood / Miyoko makes Vegan Sukiyaki, a simple one-pot dish of steamed tofu, mushrooms, cabbage, and noodles in a sweet and savory broth / Guest Chef AJ makes her Lickity Split Pea Soup in six minutes using a pressure cooker. With grocery bills on the rise, these delicious and cost conscious alternatives are great for every day meals.

Episode 105: Cooking for Teens

Teens, kids, and finicky eaters alike will appreciate these tasty and easy-to-prepare dishes that are made better by getting your youngsters in on the fun! Terry makes Tempeh Chorizo Soft Tacos / Toni makes a Citrus Salad bursting with edamame, blueberries, oranges, and fennel / Miyoko makes her son’s favorite Tofu BLT / Guest Colleen Patrick Goudreau makes her No-Queso Quesadilla, a fast and easy meal for kids. No more panick when packing lunches or preparing after-school snacks!

Episode 106: A Reason to Rise

Early birds, late sleepers, and the brunch set will appreciate these recipes, created to make mornings your favorite time of day. Terry makes Raspberry Morning Muffins fit for a crowd or a solo breakfast break at work / Miyoko makes her Truffled Tofu and Sweet Potato Hash Browns, ideal for impressing brunch guests / Toni makes a cozy winter staple with her wholesome Quinoa Porridge / And Guest Elizabeth Fraser makes fresh Almond Milk for a delicious Ginger Snap Smoothie. These recipes have you covered, whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast fix or a full-on feast for hungry companions.

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The health benefits of vegetarianism are well known, but, to many, the art of easily preparing great vegetarian food remains a mystery. As the host of the long running public television cooking show, Delicious TV’s Totally Vegetarian, Toni Fiore has become one America’s most trusted guides to fast and flavorful vegetarian meals.

In Totally Vegetarian,includes 200 recipes that emphasize familiar and readily available ingredients. With great-tasting adaptations of popular classics—dishes like tempeh fajitas, veggie potstickers, eggplant “meatballs,” polenta con fungi porcini, potato sage pizza, easy spicy tofu rollup—that can be prepared in as few as five minutes. Whether you’re cooking for a vegan or a flexitarian, everyone aspiring to eat less meat will savor this totally vegetarian food.

200 of Toni’s favorite recipes are totally yours.

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“This is a perfect book to introduce your customers to the diversity of vegetarian and vegan cooking. Fiore’s voice is casual and supportive. For those customers looking for a healthier, eco-friendly diet, this is a great choice.”

Metro New York
“Totally Vegetarian challenges any meat-eater to the notion that vegetarian eating is not delicious.”

“A great cookbook for novice cooks or professional chefs…”



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