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Easy Bean Tips

Easy Bean Tips

Here are some easy tips to make canned beans a workable and delicious part of quick vegetarian meals. Many canned beans only work well if they are to be cooked and mashed because they simply don’t hold up well during the cooking process. But if texture is not an issue then go straight for the can.

In my experience, organic beans are worth the few cents more. If you go for sodium-free, simply add a little fresh salt during the cooking process and you’ll be all set. When using canned bean, all you really have to do is adjust the cooking time in any recipe that calls for fresh beans. When adding beans to soup for example, add the canned beans only during the last ten minutes of cooking time.

One type of bean that I’ve found very little difference in between canned and dried are chickpeas. But as with any canned bean, I suggest rinsing them well and substituting the liquid with vegetable broth.

So keep your pantry stocked, and when you’re in a hurry to make a salad, pasta sauce, or a quick soup, go ahead, open that can, and add the protein, fiber, and nutrition that only beans offer.