Fried Polenta Appetizer

Fried Polenta Appetizer Fried polenta is fabulous served as is, or accompanied by dips or topped with your favorite cracker topping. Ingredients: Firm polenta cut into small triangles 2 cups (or so) olive oil for frying Coarse salt To prepare: Heat olive oil in a deep pan or fryer until hot (about 340 degrees). With …

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Vegetarian Wontons

These wontons rarely make it to the table in my house. Try serving these with an icy cold Chinese beer like Tsingtao. Ingredients: 1 package wonton wrappers 1 box vegetarian “sausage patties” (not links) 1 c. scallions, very finely minced 3 T. soy sauce 1-2 t. toasted sesame oil High heat oil for frying (canola …

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