Season 4

Welcome Foodies!

You may find our episode guide helpful for referencing  our recipes, many of which can be found on our recipe page using the search box or by browsing our recipe box on the right side of the page. If you like our show, please consider supporting our efforts to bring you more great veg programming.

#401 Fast & Easy, Hot & Spicy

In this episode, Toni serves up a feast of light and delicious Asian-influenced favorites a sinus-clearing Hot and Sour Soup, savory Chikn & No-Beef Lettuce Cups then visits caterer Miki Pyle in her kitchen to make a Miso Soup that’s simply the best around.

#402 Not So Ordinary Soup & Salad

Bored with soup? Couldn’t care less about salad? Then tune in when Toni takes soup and salad to a whole new level of exciting. Recipes include Roasted Red Pepper and Leek Soup, Strawberry & Spinach Salad with Poppyseed Dressing, and Edamame and Apple Salad.

#403 Bloodroot

Toni goes on the road to the fabulous Bloodroot Restaurant where she teams up with founders Selma and Noel to make an unbelievably sweet and nutritious vegan Blueberry Pie and a satisfying and savory Red Bean and Potato Enchilada.

#404 O-Me-Ga! It’s Tofu!

Omega 3’s are a vital part of a heart healthy diet and tofu and flaxseed are loaded with all the right stuff. In this episode, Toni makes a phantastic Tofu Phish sandwich, serves it with Caribbean Sweet Potatoes, then tops off her omega 3 feast with a visit from Cathi Dicoco who bakes an incredibly delicious Flax Seed Biscotti. O-me-ga! You have to try these recipes.

#405 Appetize Me

There’s nothing more fun than a spontaneous gathering of friends. But what to serve? Toni shows you how to whip up just the right, light appetizers when you want to entertain on the spur of the moment: Lentil Tabbouleh with Pita Crisps, Edamame with Smoked Paprika, and Wontons with Chard and Tofu Cream cheese.

#406 Everything’s Coming Up Mushrooms

Toni goes mushroom foraging with Mainer David Spahr, then heads back into the kitchen to make a delicious Grilled Mixed Vegetable and Portobello Sandwich and a creamy, vegan Mushroom Soup.

#407 Comfort Food

Need a little comfort when you’re feeling low or the weather gets cold? Toni shows you how to make a rich, delicious porcini stock that can be used as a base for a variety of soups or stews, as well as a scrumptious Mushroom-Seitan Goulash and a Black Olive-Potato Stew.¬

#408 Street & Fair Food Revisited

If you love the idea of street or fair food, but hate the fat and calories associated with such foods, then you’re going to love what Toni does in this show. Soysage and Peppers, Barbecued Tempeh, New York style not dogs, and a tasting trip to the Dosa man in Washington Square Park make this one a must-see.

#409 Herbal

Magic Toni meets up with chef Didi Emmons at Eva’s Herb Farm in Massachusetts to make a super Salad with some unexpected ingredients. When Toni and Didi get together, the food is always fabulous and the conversation is nothing less than scintillating.

#410 Grill it!

Cathi Dicoco visits Toni for a fast and furious, fun and bountiful backyard barbecue leading with her “Rasta Pup topped with Spicy Slaw a surprising twist on the classic hot dog – plus a new spin on Grilled Vegetables, and Squash Stuffed with Quinoa Salad.

#411 The Italian Bowl

There’s no cuisine Toni likes more than Italian and in this episode, she cooks up a classic Pasta Fagioli, a hearty Tempeh Cacciatore, topping it all off with a batch of super simple vegan Chocolate Cookies that would make Willy Wonka cheer.

#412 Say Cheez

If you think you can’t live without dairy cheese, then tune as Toni makes Picada with Roasted Vegetables, Cauliflower with Tarator Sauce, and an Herbed Cannellini Bean Spreadthat will make you forget the cheese and say, Cheez!

#413 Breakfast Bonanza

Don’t go out for breakfast when you can stay in. Toni makes breakfast new, exciting, and nutritious with a delicious French-style Tofu Scramble with Bakin and Onions, hot Quinoa Porridge with fruit, and a Seared Tofu Mmmuffin that’ll have you saying, Please, sir, may I have some more?


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