Meet Miyoko

1. Tell us something about your lifestyle you’d like to share. Eating habits? exercise? Other favorite activities?

I have a crazy household with teens, dogs, cats and pet chickens. My whole foods, vegan diet helps me stay on top of it all. And I do CrossFit, which is a combination of weight-lifting, gymnastic moves and cardio. I’m determined to get younger with each passing birthday.

2. What tips can you offer to people transitioning to a plant based diet?

Take it one day at a time and just do your best. Don’t think of it as deprivation, but a chance to increase the options of plant-based foods that you might never have tried. A whole new world awaits you.

3. Where do you get your protien?

What was the question again? Oh, protein. Same place cows and horses do — things that grow from the ground. Actually, I never think about protein. It’s in everything. The questions should be “where do you get your micro-nutrients?”

4. What are some survival tips when you’re traveling?

There are only a few places in the world where I really have had difficulty eating a vegan diet. I usually don’t think of it as survival, because I am always interested in trying  the local fare, especially if I’m abroad. Most countries have veggie specialties, and I seek those out. In the US, there is usually something I can eat wherever I go, however dull the option might be. If restaurant pickings get slim, there is always the grocery store option.

5. What’s your go to dish right now?

I have a peanut butter addiction. You’re probably looking for a tip, but I’m thinking about apple slices with peanut butter.

6. Anything else you want add?

Just that I’m super excited about the show and all of the possibilities for future episodes!


oh my gosh, Miyoko is amazing. I live in Sonoma county and am completely poverty stricken so quite a different life but she sure inspires me to do what I can to eat right. If I do that I can be stronger to meet all the challenges of advancing age, being alone and on SSI. I have a houseful of pets and care for feral kitties. Love of animals is something Miyoko and I do have in common and I can learn so much from her. Thank you Miyoko!

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