Meet Terry

1. Tell us something about your lifestyle you’d like to share. Eating habits? exercise? Other favorite activities?

I like to experiment with exercise routines and see what works for me, within reason of course! Lately I’ve been standing much more, writing on a homemade standing desk, and I find I have a lot more energy and focus as opposed to if I just sat through the workday. I use interval training to work out less but more effectively in a shorter amount of time. And I take the stairs whenever possible (that’s kind of easy in NYC, I guess). I just like to try a few things and see what sticks and eventually becomes habit.

Regarding food, I’m always trying new recipes and trendy ingredients, again in a similar way to see what I like and what would work in my regular recipe routine. Currently I’m experimenting with coconut sugar, a few raw desserts, pizza, and because it’s getting warmer, more smoothies.
And when I need to de-stress, I make a point to hang out with friends or play games or just going for a long walk. It’s a good counter-balance to the long stretches of writing and cooking.

 2. What tips can you offer to people transitioning to a plant based diet?

You’ll need to learn how to cook to some degree, so find a few dishes you enjoy making. Make them often, learn how to make them wll and you’ll have a few reliable “signature” meals to call your own.

 3. Where do you get your protein?

There’s protein in practically all vegetables, grains, fruits, and nuts, so I never worry about not getting enough. If you eat a wide variety of whole, plant-based foods and get enough calories through the day, it’s nothing to spend much time thinking about.

Some of my favorite protein rich foods are chickpeas, tofu, tempeh, seitan, almonds, peanuts, chia seeds, flax seeds, quinoa, brown rice, and hemp seeds. And lentils and black beans, just to name a few legumes. Plus all the great vegan “milks” based off of grains, beans, and nuts too. I eat a range of these foods throughout the week, and try to vary it up day by day. Bonus: they taste awesome too!

4. What are some survival tips when you’re traveling?

Do your homework! It’s easier than ever to do an Internet search about a new location and find out the possibility of vegan eats almost anywhere in the world.

I love packing snacks for the trip (plane, train, bus); usually I go for simple, easy-to-eat sandwiches, fruit or whole grain cookies.

 5. What’s your go to dish right now?

A big, marinated collard green leaf used as a wrap for veggie burgers or avocado salads is fresh, not-to-filling and my favorite for warm weather eats. Pizza is a weekly meal for me too: I just made one topped with fiddleheads and pine nuts!

Eating like a vegan can be fun and adventurous once you put your mind to it!


That tempeh ruben was fabulous. She said it was a good one to serve carnivores. It may not turn them completely around to an herbivore status but sure could give a push in that direction. Many thanks for helping the cows and piggies with this one and with your demonstration of how a beautiful young person can be sensitive to animal welfare while eating healthy yuppie friendly food.

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