Meet Toni

1. Tell us something about your lifestyle you’d like to share. Eating habits? exercise? Other favorite activities?

I’m really enjoying experimenting with my own recipes to eliminate excess fat and salt, and I’m having a blast working with and learning from other chefs from the Vegan Mashup series. I’ve always been a consistently active person, I love travelling, music, daily exercise, being outdoors and relaxed leisure time with friends and family.

2. What tips can you offer to people transitioning to a plant based diet?

Keep things simple and most importantly start cooking regularly at home! Take a good look at what you eat. Find those dishes, recipes and ingredients that you’re familiar with and ones you enjoy. Most of my recipes are based on traditional dishes that are easy, fast and most importantly DELICIOUS! Don’t be afraid to use your imagination either. Food should be fun! Often times when I’m talking with people about vegetarian or vegan cooking they’re surprised to find how close they are, with a few modifications, to preparing a terrific and healthy meatless meal!

3. Where do you get your protein?

I get plenty of protein from foods like beans, grains, soy foods such as tofu and tempeh. I’ve never been overly concerned about being protein deficient. Personally, I think the fear and hype of consuming too little protein is a myth perpetuated by the meat and dairy industry. In my opinion over consumption of low quality, high-fat protein has done a great deal more to compromise the health and well being of people than too little protein. Eat a sensible and well balanced diet rich in a variety of vitamins and minerals. If you do that, the protein will be there!

4. What are some survival tips when you’re traveling?

I was born in Europe still have family there and am very lucky to have the opportunity to return a few times a year.  I think one of the most helpful things when travelling is to apprise yourself of local food culture and then familiarize yourself with some “food language” get a phrase book and check out menus which are typically posted outside of establishments. Don’t be afraid to ask what they can and cannot do. I’ve found that most countries like Italy, Spain, Germany and England offer many options and are happy to accommodate your needs if they are able.

5. What’s your go to dish right now?

Right now as we are coming into fresh local vegetables in abundance, I’m very into roasting and grilling vegetables. I can prepare a bunch, store leftovers in the fridge and serve them on flatbreads, over pasta or grains or even toss them into a quick soup!



Today on Vegan Mashup you were using as the main ingredient Quinoa, which you described as a grain. Surely you know that quinoa is NOT a true grain, but is a grain-like SEED. There are many people who avoid eating grains, and therefore would shy away from your recipe, mistakenly believing that it is a grain. If they knew quinoa is actually a seed, they would know they could make this dish. 


I have Toni's book and have been watching her show for years. You are the best most sensible and creative vegan cook. And you have a big following. What an accomplishment. Wow. I am in awe of what you have done to help animals and open minds of people to alternative diets. Love the new vegan mashup show!


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