Delicious TV’s VegEZ is a an online program of vegan recipes. These short videos show you how to prepare, cook and serve amazing vegan meals. Now Watch VegEZ on Ownzones. A companion iPhone and iPad app can also be downloaded from the iTunes store.

From Fettuccine Walnut Alfredo to Sweet Potato Pizza, VegEZ has recipes that appeal to a wide range of palates. You don’t need to be a full-time vegan to enjoy these mouth-watering dishes.



  1. [...] VegEz s a vegan recipe podcast available on iTunes. They are short videos, showing how to prepare meals. Is it harder to produce and film shorter videos? Much easier to produce short videos, yes, because it’s far less expensive than producing a half hour TV show. I basically started it in 2007 when we were in a hiatus of making the TV show, using segments of the TV show just to keep putting the idea of vegan living into the universe. Then we started putting together stand-alone pieces, once I figured out a formula to put them together quickly. It also helps that Toni lives only about 20 minutes from me. But even though producing web video content is a fairly easy process at this point, it’s more of a labor of love and still quite a struggle to provide free content. [...]