VegEZ host, Toni Fiore


Toni Fiore was raised by an Italian-American father and a German mother who instilled in her a sociable nature and the love of travel and of good food. She has lived in Italy and Germany and now resides in southern Maine.

In Italy, where I first nurtured my love of food and cooking, wine and conversation are as important to the meal as the food. I have always embraced this philosophy and found joy and satisfaction in the preparation of simple, fresh food. And it is perhaps one of my greatest pleasures to cook for people who aren’t convinced that vegetarian food is both satisfying and complete. I love the looks on their faces when they taste the food – inevitably I hear, “Wow, I can’t believe there isn’t any meat in this!”

I didn’t graduate from culinary school. Instead, I’ve always been content to find my own trial and error path to a finished dish. Mistakes are how you find your way to success. Mistakes taught me how to develop my own style, how to indulge my own tastes, and how to gain confidence in the kitchen. For me, cooking is a passionate pursuit.

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And don’t forget her mantra:

Buy Locally
Eat Seasonally
Buy Organic
Use Your Intuition
Everything In Moderation


I wanted the spinach & squash lasagna with tofu that aired (on #412) Saturday 7/25 @ 2:00.  it was in the beginning of the show at a college... How can I get that recipe?  looked awesome.  Thank you! Laura


Watching reruns of Totally Vegetarian on PBS. I just made the Eggplant soup. It is Totally Delicious!!

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